Carrefour Petanque Club Results 2002
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Mens Singles 6th October
1st Lol Therin 
2nd Sid Simkin
3rd Rob Birch 
Doubles Melee 11th August
1st Jill Gayet   
2nd Daphne Therin
3rd Heather  McGrath
1st Dan Gayet
2nd Lol Therin
3rd Ray McGrath
Ladies Singles 4th August
1st Ruth Perree 5 wins +32
2nd Margaret Luce 4 wins +26
3rd Joan Le Roy 3 wins +2
Grover&Walker Married Couples 28th July
1st Lindsey&Graham Walker
2nd Rosie&Keith Boleat      
3rd Chris&Gerry Woods
Club Triples 19th July
1st Frank Morel Jnr+Frank Morel Senior+Mike Hughes 3 wins+22
2nd Rose Luce+Edwin Birch+Robert Birch 3 wins+21                   
3rd Dot Rowcliffe+Margaret Luce+Tony Lagadu 3 wins+4            
2002 Inter Insuler Jersey v Guernsey
Played at the Guernsey Club de Petanque
Guernsey 29 games Jersey 19 games

1st leg Birch+Caberet 30th June
Carrefour Petanque Club v Jersey Petanque Club
Played at the L'Auberge du Nord
Carrefour Petanque 51 Games
Jersey Petanque         9 Games
4th June Jean-Pierre James Memorial
1st Sid+Marion Simkin                            
2nd Mary Whittiker+Piedade Carvalho
3rd Robert Birch+Keith Boleat            
20th May Bring a Friend Melee
1st  Sid Simkin+Rose Luce: 2 wins+17                  
2nd  Daphne Therin+Gary Therin: 2 wins +9        
3rd   Roy Langlois+Denise Bashforth: 2 wins+7
9th May Carrefour Petanque Clubs
Dave de St Croix Open Singles
1st  Dave le Mercier
2nd Joan le Mercier
3rd Colin Walsh      
1st Keith Boleat    
  2nd Graham Walker
3rd Ken Stokes     
1st Sid Simkin     
       2nd Lawrence Rondel
3rd Robert Birch  

May 4th Jersey Petanque Clubs Jersey Open Doubles
1st Integrale (Uk)            Michel Housgastanou+Dave Chalkey
2nd Cool as Ice (Gsy)    Lee Holbury+ Iain Haith                          
3rd Jokers Wild (Uk)     Phil+Diz Murray
4th   Barfleur    (Gsy)     Ann+John Cuthbertson
1st  Les Brayes(Gsy)  Margaret+Dave Allen
2nd  The Emeralds (Uk)  Lional Alcorn+Bill Eve
3rd Double "X" (Uk)  Martin Baker+Graham Stone
4th Sully"s (Uk)        Merl+Brian Sullivan
Consolage 1
1st  The Sarnians (Gsy)   Dave Harvey+Mike Green
2nd Kirdford "A"  (Uk)   Jan+Jeff Fox
3rd   Bonnie+Clyde (Uk)  Ann+Charles Sim
4th  Internuts (Jsy)             Jo le Quense+Brian Corbel
Consolage 2
1st   King B's  (Jsy)   Keith Boleat+Robert Birch
2nd  Katterlanders  (Jsy)  Ann+Roy Langlois
3rd   The Falcons    (Jsy)   Pru Vibert+Mike Rondel
4th   Pie Mad         (Jsy/Gsy)  Piedade Carvalho+Madeleine Dawson

April 13th Singles Melee
1st Les Quenault
2nd Brian Corbel
3rd Keith Boleat
1st Marion Simkin
2nd  Joan Le Roy
3rd Margaret Luce

March 30th  Easter Melee
1st Sid Simkin      
2nd Mary Whitiker
3rd Graham Walker
Booby Prize Frank Morel

16th March   President v Vice President
                        7        games to            5
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