Carrefour Petanque Club Results 2001
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Guernsey Club de Petanque visit 24th June
1st  Alan Best (Guernsey)   +27 4 wins       
2nd  Rob Birch (Carrefour) +26 4wins        
3rd  Derek Le Page (Guernsey) +25 4 wins

Trip to Carteret Club in France
Ladies  1st  Daphne Therin
                 2nd  Piedade Carvalho
Gents 1st  Dan Guyet
                2nd  Jean-Pierre ??
20 members of the Carrefour Club travelled to Cateret,
We arrived at 08.30 in France and did not play until 14.30
All I can say is everybody enjoyed  the day trip,we were looked after very very well for the day(wined,dined,wined even more and a few calvados thrown in for afters).
Photos coming soon!!
Jean-Pierre James Memorial Trophy 28th  May
1st  Sid+Marion Simkin                       
2nd  Niall Fennessy+Mary Whittaker
3rd  Robert+Marguerite Birch            
1st  Bernard Birch+Amanda Perchard
2nd  Keith Boleat+Mick Churchill       
3rd  Dave Grover+Graham Walker


Melee 19th May
Ladies      1st       Ruth Perree
                              2nd    Daphne Therin       
                           3rd   Piedade Carvalho
Gents          1st Dan Guyet
                              2nd Alain  Aoutin
                       3rd Lol Therin

Carrefour Petanque Dave de Ste Croix Open Singles
L'Auberge du Nord 9th May
45 people played in this competition.
Jersey,Guernsey,Isle of Wight  and French players took part in
our Open Singles
1st Andre Nicol  (jsy cpc)
2nd Keith Boleat (jsy cpc)
3rd Sid Simkin  (jsy cpc)  
Le Masurier Plate
1st  Jean-Guy Fontenille (uk)  
2nd Lawrence Rondel (jsy jpc)
3rd Merle Sullivan (uk)              
L'Auberge du Nord  Consolage
1st Piedade Carvalho (jsy cpc)
2nd Ian Rondel (jsy jpc)            
3rd Mal Churchill (jsy cpc)       
Jersey Petanque Clubs  Open Doubles 5th May
Some of the photos
1st  Integrale  Michel Hourcastagnou+Dave Chalkey(Uk)
2nd  Carteret 1  Miko Riviere+Bernard Perotte(Fr)            
3rd  Bleu,Blanc,Rouge  Andre Nicol+Mick Pitt(Jsy/Gsy) 
4th  Le M's  Alf+Rosemarie Le Masurier (Jsy)                   
1st Jokers Wild  Phil+Diz Murray  (Uk)                                  
2nd  Vin Rouge  Ian+Jane Rondel  (Jsy)                               
3rd  Sully's  Merle+Brian  Sullivan (Uk)                                
4th  Muscat   Pauline Hickie+Lee Holberry (Gsy)               
Consolage 1
1st   Les Boulistes  Keith Boleat+Mick Churchill  (Carrefour Jsy)      
2nd  Guernsey Ormers  Karl+Alison Mauger  (Gsy)                          
3rd   Island Hoppers  Nick+Shirley Henry (IOW)                             
    4th  Train Spotters  Brian Brazier+David Freeman (Uk)                    
Consolage 2
1st  Boule Fighters  Ken+Dorothy  Wilson                                      
  2nd   The Rascals  Dennis+Joan Le Mercier (Jsy)                             
3rd  The Gigglers  Ann Billot+Georgette Bouceard                          
4th Carrefour Swingers Barbara Grover+Linsay Walker (Jsy)    
Sunday 6th May Melee Results
1st   Martin Baker (Uk)          
2nd  Edward Catchpole(Uk)
3rd  David Freeman  (Uk)    
1st Joan Le Herissier (Jsy)
2nd Diz Murray (Uk)           
Photos coming soon
Triples 22nd
1st Sid Simkin+Mary Whittaker+Ken Luce                 
2nd Marion Simkin+Mick Cotillard +Lol Therin           
3rd Niaal Fennessy+Graham Walker+Lindsay Walker
4th Dan Gayet+Daphne Therin+Keith Boleat              
24th               Melee Club Members and  Non Members
1st       Dave+Helen Perree +33... 3wins
     2nd     Ruth+Son Perree +26... 3 wins       
                         3rd  Mary Whiteker+Daughter Cathoren +23 ..3  wins         
17th              Presidents Team beat the Vice Presidents 11--7
Winter Melee
Ladies      1st      Lindsay Walker
           2nd    Ruth Perree
                      3rd     Piedade Carvalho
Gents       1st       Robert Birch   
           2nd     Keith Boleat
       3rd      Lol Therin
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Photos from the Jean-Pierre James Memorial Trophy 28th May 2001
Photos from the 2001 visit by the Guernsey Club de Petanque to the Carrefour Petanque Club