Christmas Melee
30th December
1st       Dave Perree
2nd     Keith Boleat
3rd      Yvette Corbal
(Boobie Prize) Elsie Noel
25 members played in this melee.
The weather was sunny but only 4deg C.
After the game games we went into the L'Auberge de Nord  for
mulled wine  and mince pies.
Stan+Rita Martin
Mens Singles Trophy
1st October
1st         Bernie Birch           8 Games
2nd        Lol Therin               7 Games
3rd        Mick Cotillard         5 Games

Doubles Finals
9th September
1st         Mick Churchill+Keith Boleat
2nd        Chris Romeril+Marc Nicol
3rd         Marguerite+Robert Birch
4th         Brian Corbel+Mick Cotillard

John Le Pennec  Ladies Trophy
3rd September
1st         Marguerite Birch    104 points        
2nd       Ruth Perree               94 points          Photos
3rd        Piedarde Carvalho  92 points          The link above will open
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Birch/Cabareat 20th August
Held at the Jersey Petanque Club
2nd Leg
Jersey Petanque Club                    Carrefour Petanque Club
                     31 games                                               23 games
Over the 2 legs home and away the Carrefour Petanque Club
win  63 games. Jersey Petanque Club win 39 games.
August 5th Summer Melee
Ladies   1st      Jill Gayet
                2nd    Barbara Grover
                3rd     Marie Morel

Men        1st     Robert Birch
                2nd    Dave Grover
                3rd     Dan Gayet
Married Couples 9th July
Trophies presented by Barbara Grover
1st  Rosie+Keith Boleat
2nd  Marion+Chris Romeril
3rd  Marion+Sid Simkin

Guernsey Petanque Club Social Visit
To Jersey 2nd July
1st  Eric Walters    GPC                                Photos
2nd Neville Jehan GPC         Will open a new browser window.
3rd  Keith Boleat   CPC           Close the window to return here.                        
Birch/Cabareat 25th June 1st leg
At Carrefour Petanque home ground.
Carrefour Petanque Club V Jersey Petanque Club
                  40 Games                            8 Games

Ladies v Gents 11th June
Ladies won 6 to 3

Jean Pierre James Memorial Trophy 29th May( Doubles)
1st Mick Churchill + Keith Boleat
2nd Mick Cotillard +Bernie Birch
3rd Dave Grover + Graham Walker
1st  Chris + Marion Romeril
2nd Brian + Yvette Corbal                       
3rd Niall Fennessey + Mary Whitiker

Dave de Ste Croix Open Singles 9th May
1st     Marc Nicol
2nd    Lol Therin
3rd    Keith Boleat                           
1st    Sid Simkin
2nd   Marion Simkin                                                      Photos
3rd    Ian Rondel                                                  Will open a new window
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1st   Mick Churchill                                             to come back to this page
2nd  Elaine Paisnel

13th Jersey Open 29th April 2000
Held at Les Quennevais Sports Grounds
1st Double X  Martin Baker+Graham Stone (UK)            
2nd Portbail Une  Mico Riviere+Guy Meslin (FR)            
3rd  Le Boulists  Keith Boleat+Robert Birch (JSY CPC)
1st Coutances Une Henri  Crocci+Gabriel Lenoel(FR) 
2nd Trainspotters  Brian Brazier+David Freeman(UK)
3rd La Rocque Rocquers  Gordon+Dorothy de Gruchy(JSY JPC)
1st Lollabouts  Lol Therin+Brian Corbel (JSY CPC)
2nd Falcons  Mick Rondel+Pru Vibert (JSY JPC)
3rd                   Bill+Jen Page(UK)
Railway Walk
1st  Lee Holberry+Ian Haith(GSY GPC)
Best Channel Island Team
Keith Boleat+Robert Birch(JSY CPC)
Doubles Melee Elizabeth Castle 30th April 2000
1st Coutances Deux  Renee Michel+Francis Collas (FRA)     +48
2nd Portbail Une Mico Riviere+Guy Meslin(FRA)
3rd The Earl Grays  Ray Mcgrath+Keith Boleat
  Easter Event
                    1st  Sid Simkin
                    2nd Lol  Therin          
                    3rd  Marc Nicol    
                President v Vice President
                                  27 members played.
                      Vice President's team 32 games
                      President's team          16 games
                     1st Summer Melee 1st April
Ladies      1st       Marion Simkin
                  2nd     Daphne Therin
                  3rd      Piedade Carvalho
Gents        1st      Robert Birch                        
                  2nd     Bernie Birch
                  3rd      Stan Perchard                   
                WINTER MELEE 1999>2000
Ladies      1st       Joan Le Roy           +78
                  2nd     Piedade Carvalho +29
                 3rd      Ruth Perree             +26

Gents       1st       Robert Birch           +92
                 2nd     Keith Boleat            +63
                 3rd      Brian Corbel           +27  
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